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Welcome to Solution House 

We focus on enabling business through technology.  Solution House consist of two entities namely Technology Solution House and Solution House Software. 

Combined these entities address all technology layers with predominant focus on converged physical security and device integration and incident and business activity management software. 



Technology Solution House

Technology Solution House provides physical security solutions, device integration and the underlying enabling technologies which support them.




  • Device Integration
  •  Commercial and residential security radar 
  •  Integrated IP CCTV  
  •  IP Access control  

And enabling solutions such as  

  • Fibre networks  
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks
  • Database and server infrastructure  
  • Technology Management Services


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Solution House Software

Solution House Software provides innovative, cloud-based incident and business activity software solutions and related smart phone applications.



Some of our functionality:

  • Enterprise-level incident management back-end
  •  Public smart phone apps
  • Management smart phone app
  • SMS and email integration
  • GPS mapping
  • Asset management
  • Asset GPS tracking and alarming
  •  Machine Learning


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